NM Precedent

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From: Grlygrl201@aol.com
Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 11:06:01 PPET

"There were also 257 missing ballots that were finally found and several
hundred damaged ballots that had to be counted by hand."

if NM allowed a hand count how can bush object to one in florida? should the
several hundred counted in NM, which gave bush an 11-point lead, now be
discounted? bush's camp says hand-counting is subject to "mischief" and that
damaged ballots are just allowable casualties of the system. too bad the
hand count already occurred in NM *without anyone's permission* and too bad
the GOP already filed a federal injunction in florida to halt one. can't
have it both ways, signor bush.

we could have the results in florida in a week, including the hand count and
absentee overseas ballots. just remember whose party really will be
responsible when this process drags out.


(btw, wondering if 5,000 votes are less than half a percent of the votes cast
in NM as the 1,700 or so were in florida. or if NM has a legal automatic
recount based on anything other than % of difference, like the so-called
abnormalities that triggered theirs. if not, why was there a recount?
someone had to make a determination. and if gore spikes led them *indirectly*
to recount by hand, why shouldn't buchanan spikes lead us to the same?)

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