Just wandering: no civil registration, how do you vote ?

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From: Sandor Spruit (sandor@cs.uu.nl)
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 04:48:48 PST


With all the fuzz about, well, recounts and everything, I was
wondering: I've always been told there are no civil records
in the USA. You can't go down to city hall and ask a list of
a city's inhabitants, or can you ? I'm into genealogy, that's
why I hear stuff like this - just in case you're wandering :)

How on Earth does an election work in the US ? Do you have to
register beforehand ? It's not like over here, AFAIK, where you
get a postcard with an invitation in the mail. Or is it ? I'm
just being curious here - not trying to make fun of the
situation or anything.


ir A.G.L. Spruit, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Institute of information and computing sciences
"There is a bit of magic in everything, and then some
loss to even things out" (from: Lou Reed, "Magic and Loss")

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