Re: apple Sauced again, votes4sale

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From: Dave Long (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 18:28:12 PST

> Permitting painting and other decoration of the case without voiding
> AppleCare would be a nice touch.

So that's why we don't see those basketweave/floral
carving handtooled laptops with conchos suggested by:

(Would 'kicker headfreezers have their public key
fingerprints carved into the backs of their belts?)

> The real question is, should you be able to
> sell your vote to the higest bidder on EBay?

Isn't it more efficient to just sell the office
directly to the highest bidder? Let the market
decide and all that...

(who was it that said one needed to be able to make
3 fortunes as a provincial governor: the first to
pay for the bribes getting into office, the second
to pay for the defense against corruption charges
certain to be brought forth upon leaving office,
and the last to make it all worthwhile?)


see also: "What Will Computers be like in 1993?"

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