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From: Damien Morton (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 23:04:44 PST

> From: Sophie Maddox []
> >Who let the pinko commies out of the pen? What's next,
> >mullet-wearing foaming-at-the-mouth feminazis?
> <wiping foam from mouth> Socialist? Wow Jeff you could have
> been on Joe
> Macarthy's committee for Un-Amerian activities. Btw commies are out,
> democracy is in. I happen to agree with you--I will probably
> regret it,
> but I agree socialized medicine or anything else socialized
> doesn't work.
> But I wasn't talking about socialized medicine I was talking about
> medicare. More about medicare and senior citizens. It's not
> that medicare
> won't pay for something and sometimes it won't, it's finding
> the doctors
> who will accept it. They say they're not reimbursed enough,
> which then
> puts the burden on the patient who has to pay out of pocket
> or sign up for
> medicare + plan. Which means they are still paying out of
> pocket because
> it is a private company and so many seniors on fixed incomes
> can't afford
> the premiums. The government takes 6% of our salary just as
> it does for
> social security to insure by the time we get to 65 that we will be
> covered. It isn't welfare. By the time we get to 65 who
> knows if there
> will even be social security. What it comes down to is you are a
> supporter of the HMO. You keep saying: "Say it with me:
> the market is
> good, the market is your friend, the market is wise, the
> market solves
> problems, the market is good..." You wouldn't have lots of
> stock in them,
> would you Jeff? ;-) They're probably one the biggest
> businesses going. No
> I am not a fan of the HMO. You still haven't given us your
> plan on how the
> market is going to take care of this problem. Btw the man
> you said we
> should follow more of--Tom J. He was a socialist. $-)
> Sophie
> $-)

Interestingly, Australia spends far far less than the US, per head, on
social wealfare.

Pensions are means-tested; if you can afford to support yourself, you are
expected to do so.

This contrasts with the US, where I believe that even the wealthiest of
retirees receive medicare and pensions.

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