Re: Just wandering: no civil registration, how do you vote ?

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From: Tony Finch (
Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 22:54:58 PST

Sandor Spruit <> wrote:
>How on Earth does an election work in the US ? Do you have to
>register beforehand ?

You have to register with the DMV, it seems. How strange. I have been
told that if I don't want to carry my passport around with me all the
time [1] I can get a driver's licence that says I can't drive [2] as a
less valuable form of photo ID.

In the UK you register to vote in the consituency in which you live,
which is a geographical region that covers a number of people roughly
equal to the population of the UK divided by the number of seats in
the House of Commons, i.e. about 100,000 (for local elections
constituencies are divided into wards). I'm not certain of the exact
details of who you register with because someone else has always done
it for me :-), but it's made quite simple by forms that get mailed
every year or so by the relevant agency. The electoral register is
public, and frequently used by spammers :-(


f.a.n.finch     Chad for President!

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