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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 10:36:38 PPET

"from the "what about me, what about rasin" dept"

The Gore campaign is seriously considering a legal challenge to the highly
contested vote count in Florida, a top campaign official tells ABCNEWS

Democrats are looking carefully at ballots cast in Palm Beach County,
Fla., where many voters complained today that the ballot was so confusing
they accidentally voted for Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan instead of
Al Gore. Floridas 25 Electoral College votes would put either Gore, the
Democrat who now has 260, or Republican George W. Bush, who has 246, past
the 270 needed to win the presidency.

The potential mixup in Palm Beach is just one of many complaints being
fielded in Florida, where an exhaustive recount in one of the tightest
presidential contests in decades got underway Wednesday.

The Democratic congressman from the district also sounded outraged. "We
have an election law catastrophe in Florida!" an angry Rep. Robert Wexler,
D-Fla., told Nightline. He argued that there is enough evidence to warrant
not only a recount, but a court challenge as well. I saw with my own eyes
several hundred people come out of the ballot box in hysterics, but I also
know other things, Wexler said. The numbers speak for themselves. I know
my people, he added. Trust me when I tell you there are communities where
Pat Buchanan would never get five or six dozen votes and he did. On
Wednesday, Florida election officials said the ballot complied with state
law and that both parties had approved it before the election. The Bush
campaign insisted there was no evidence of fraud.

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