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Date: Sat Nov 11 2000 - 08:23:41 PPET

In a message dated 11/11/00 6:15:17 AM Eastern Standard Time, a hungover
whoreboy woke with the chickens and banged out:

<< When you need to say what you cant say yourself, get jackson. He will say
 it for you. I knew he would find a way into the election spotlight.>>

hey, nobody i know invited him.

things the rnc say that aren't exactly right:

rnc: 15,000 ballots were thrown out in PBC in 1996.
fact: that number includes both double voting and no voting. the 19,000
thrown out in PBC this election are just double votes. if you add the no
votes, the number climbs to 29,000, or almost double 1996's thown out.

rnc: hey, they had no trouble in cook county with the butterfly ballot!
fact: the butterfly ballot in cook was used for justices only. cook county
officials said they would never use a butterfly for a presidential election.

rnc: there are 17,000 registered reformed party in PBC.
fact: there are 217. the others the rnc claim are reform are either
Independent (with a capital I, of which there are about 2 in florida and as
opposed to the independents with a small i, which are self-identified
"independent" meaning they don't belong to either party but have no
affiliation with the capital I's. the rest of the 17,000 are browne-ies.)

there will be no revote, no matter how big a tantrum jesse throws. a hand
count of four measly counties (who could object to that? it will be done
before all the overseas absentee ballots come in so nothing is being "dragged
out") and the overseas ballots will be counted and we'll declare a new
president. the other stuff is fodder for the press - why do you buy into it?

(the lawsuits thus far have been brought about INDIVIDUALS, not the dnc.
that, my dear man, is their constitutional right. everything a democrat does
is not necessarily done by the will of their majority, as any republican
should know.)


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