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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 05:39:27 PST

Sophie Maddox wrote:

> J<wiping foam from mouth> Socialist? Wow Jeff you could have been on Joe
> Macarthy's committee for Un-Amerian activities. Btw commies are out,
> democracy is in.

Hey, I believe anybody has the right to any point of view they want, no matter
how broken it might be. :-) I agree with your latter assessment, though.

> The government takes 6% of our salary just as it does for
> social security to insure by the time we get to 65 that we will be
> covered. It isn't welfare.

Yeah, and how many people under 40 *actually* believe we'll see a dime of our
Social Security contributions? Not me. I'm not counting on a freakin' dime.
The demographics just don't point to it being supportable. And yeah, it's
welfare --- it's welfare whenever you're paying for *today's* receipients
using *today's* workforce. We're not actually paying for ourselves, it's all
a big, mandatory "pay it forward" scheme.

> You wouldn't have lots of stock in them,
> would you Jeff? ;-)

Not so much anymore. :-/ ;-) Margin calls are ugly. My faith in the market
as a whole remains undiminished, however.

> Btw the man you said we
> should follow more of--Tom J. He was a socialist. $-)

Phphphphphphttttttt! I can't find anything in my "Portable Thomas Jefferson"
to support anything close to that contention.


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