Re: Jefferson a socialist? Hogwash.

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 14:52:35 PST

there is a very differnt take on things like States rights and Fedarlism
these days.

To call Jeff a socialist is like calling the first cave man a grass roots
moaist. Its giving way too much credence to the lable and diminishing the
persons accomplishments given the historic context.

Jeff was a States the bone. More to the point he was a
Individualist with very little trust in big govermental systems. Had he
been around in the Civil War times maybe th eterms would not have gotten
so fuxored up to such a point that now we see state rights the looser and
federalism as the winner of that conflict.

Make no mistake, the civil war was not so much about slavery, though it
was in part, but more so about the rights of States vs the wights of the
Federal Structure to determine the micro level of the nations flow.

That slavery was hoisted on to the states right side suxored big time. If
you look at the errosion of our individual rights you will see them start
the major thrust after the Civil war.

But i digress.

Jeff was very much the Stone Cold Steve Austin of his day. DTA.....DOnt
Trust Anyone... He was very clear in his demarcation of what was and wasnt
in the federal tool kit. It was this this and that....and thats it.
everything else is a states matter.

And thats the bottom line cause Tommy J say so.

And please lets not be calling Tommy J a socialst anymore. Thats just

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