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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 14:10:47 PST

On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Antoun Nabhan wrote:
--]Seriously, though, it's a great idea and a sad commentary on the zeitgeist
--]at the same time. So many Dockers-clad boys taking jobs that uproot them
--]and destabilize them, all on the assumption that this will make them
--]happier than the slow-career alternative. But once you've made the money,
--]you have to give it all to Christie so she can buy you...a life.

NT. BATHROOM - JACK'S CONDO - NIGHT Jack sits on the toilet, CORDLESS
PHONE to his ear, flips
     through an IKEA catalog. There's a stack of old Playboy
     magazines and other catalogs nearby. JACK (V.O.)

                 Like everyone else, I had become a
                 slave to the IKEA nesting instinct. JACK
                       (into phone)
                 Yes. I'd like to order the Erika
                 Pekkari slip covers.
Jack drops the open catalog on the

                 If I saw something like clever coffee
                 table sin the shape of a yin and
                 yang, I had to have it. PAN TO PHOTO of ARMCHAIR... JACK
                 Like the Johanneshov armchair in the
                 Strinne green stripe pattern...

AREA/KITCHEN The armchair APPEARS. PAN OVER next to armchair... JACK

                 Or the Rislampa wire lamps of
                 environmentally-friendly unbleached
                 paper. The lamps APPEAR. PAN OVER to wall... JACK
                 Even the Vild hall clock of
                 galvanized steel, resting on the
                 Klipsk shelving unit.

The clock APPEARS as the shelving
unit APPEARS on the wall. JACK (V.O.)

                 I would flip through catalogs and
                 wonder, "What kind of dining set
                 defines me as a person?" We used to
                 read pornography. Now it was the
                 Horchow Collection.

A dining room set APPEARS. Jack, the
cordless phone still
     glued to his ear, walks INTO FRAME and continues. JACK

                 No, I don't want Cobalt. Oh, that
                 sounds nice. Apricot.

 Jack opens a cabinet, takes out a
plate. JACK (V.O.)

                 I had it all. Even the glass dishes
                 with tiny bubbles and imperfections,
                 proof they were crafted by the
                 honest, simple, hard-working
                 indigenous peoples of wherever.

 He rummages through the
refrigerator. It's practically
     empty. Jack takes out a jar of mustard, opens it and uses
     a butter knife to eat it.

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