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From: David Crook (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 16:01:17 PST

At 03:03 PM 11/21/00 -0800, Tom Whore wrote:
>On Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Matt Jensen wrote:
>--]The problem for the Nader supporters wasn't that an evil system was
>--]keeping them down. The problem was that, pre-election, they couldn't
>--]persuade more than a tiny fraction (5%) of the voters that they were the
>--]best choice. And when people finally got in the voting booth, half of
>--]that 5% decided that the bird in the hand (Gore) was worth two in the
>--]bush (revitalized Green party after four years of Bush). And if you want
>--]to find ways to gain the loyalty of more of the American public, being a
>--]spoiler in a race this tight wasn't it.
>With two party loyalists that think like this its no wonder we get the
>dumbfucks on the ballots and the dumberfucks who cant read the directions
>on the ballot.

Face it, Matt. You are the reason that the two main parties are letting
dead wood like Bush and Gore run for the highest office in the land. They
know that deep down, most Americans are too cowardly to do anything but
reflexively vote for their party's candidate, year after year after year
like lab rat hitting the button that dispense pellets. If you simply wake
the fuck up and demand that your party run someone who isn't mildly
retarded or has all the humanity of petrified wood then we wouldn't be in
this mess.

Don't go pointing fingers at the Nader crowd. Gore DOES NOT OWN THEM.
They are not serfs, slaves or any other class that owes its vote to Bore
like it was a God dammed birthright. If Bore can't convice someone to vote
for him, he doesn't get their vote. Period.

>Voting should not equte to "turn your head and cough"

Tom, call up the Nader people. This should be their campaign slogan for
next time. I can't wait to see the TV ads.


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