Re: nader traitors

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From: David Crook (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 17:03:16 PST

At 07:09 PM 11/21/00 -0500, Matt Jensen wrote:
>Agreed. And if Nader can't convince someone to vote for them, then Nader
>doesn't get their vote. Your energy may be better spent finding out why
>the majority didn't prefer Nader than in second-guessing their secret
>motives for voting for Gore. Can he appeal to a broader audience without
>feeling dirty? That's his challenge.

Actually, I didn't vote for Nader. I simply don't care for what the Green
party supports so I didn't vote for them. But I don't begrudge Tom or
anyone else voting for them. I'm just sick of the phase "Nader traitors".
It implies that his supporters owed their votes to Gore, be it because of
"practical politics", "he's the lesser of two evils", etc, etc etc.

I voted for Gore because I felt that his people would pick less damaging
supreme court justices than Bush's people. I considered all of the
Candidates, Bush, Gore, Brown, Buchannan, Nader and that Natural Law party
guy. I didn't like any of them. If for some reason I actually liked Nader
and the Greens, I would not have any problem voting for him. The same for
Brown, Buchannan or anyone else. I vote for third party candidates all the
time. More people should.

Now the way the election has turned out, its the best scenario that I could
have hoped for. Whoever gets in will practically be a lame duck for four
years. I think it will be much better than if either of those bozos going
in thinking they had some kind of mandate.

Every four years the politicans running for office from the two major
parties are getting lamer and lamer. I don't think the parties even have
kingmakers or smoke filled backrooms anymore. They should bring them back.
 The current system of giving it to the highest fundraiser just keeps
giving us these losers to chose from. I guess the next time around both
parties will just put their nominations for sale on ebay and skip all the
hassle of the primaries. Neither party will have any incentive to do
anything about it as long as people keep repeating the lie that you have to
vote for one of these parties in order for your vote to count.

A vote for "None of the Above" is not a wasted vote.


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