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From: Chris Olds (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 19:01:26 PST

> How about instant-run-off voting using an Australian ballot?

This sounds like a winner-takes-all version of Single Trasferrable Vote

From "proportional representation -" [1]

     Under the single-transferrable-vote method, voters rank candidates on
     the ballot in order of preference. A quota is calculated using the
     so-called Droop formula (named after its deviser, the Belgian
     H.R. Droop): the total number of valid votes cast is divided by the
     number of seats to be filled plus one, and one is added to the
     quotient. Thus, for example, if 200,000 votes are cast and nine seats
     are to be filled, the quota equals 200,000 divided by ten, plus one, or
     20,00l. The first preference votes are counted, and any candidate who
     obtains the quota is declared elected. Votes received by successful
     candidates in excess of the quota are transferred to other candidates
     according to the voters' second preferences. Any surplus among
     subsequently elected candidates is similarly transferred, and so on, if
     necessary. If any seats are still vacant, the candidate with the fewest
     votes is eliminated, and all his ballots transferred to the voters'
     second preferences, and so on, until all seats are filled by candidates
     obtaining a quota. In this way the results reflect fairly accurately
     the preferences of the electors and, therefore, their support for both
     individuals and parties.

As usual, Google[2] provides more links than I feel like copying; I recommend
looking there if you are interested.



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