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Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 20:07:48 PST

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Subject: oh hell

> =!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!=!
> -- Florida Supreme Court rules hand recounts of presidential
> ballots should be added to the state's final tally.

Just got home from a trek. Informed by Grlygrl before CNN (or Fox...

Ya know, even tho I have leaned left most of my adult life, I am not
afraid of enduring the dreadful W for 4 years. And! I am elderly
enough to not be suspicious of a hand-count. Hells bells... in my
local precincts lever voting machines are high tech (absentee and
write-in ballots are still paper.) And I live in one of the original
13 colonies!

Here is another example of local voice: My butcher is the driver for
our district's M.C. I ran into him tonight while inspecting sirloin
tip roasts and mentioned that I strongey disagree with the M.C.'s
recent call for abolishment of the electoral college and asked him
 to pass it along. He (the butcher/driver... no dummy!) asked for
supportive details for which I was more than prepared to deliver.
As a result, he promised to deliver my message to my legislator's
ear. That is all that I can hope for no matter how it plays out...

I guess, as long as we are stuck with the two-party political power
base, it gives me comfort that I, as a non-entity who does not pump
big bucks into campaigns, can get the ear of my representative in
Congress on a Constitutional matter.


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