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From: Wayne E Baisley (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 20:07:23 PST

Thoughts as adiabatic as a Florida recount ...

DC> Maybe I should ask them to give me a "No Losers" ballot.

The noise comes with the subscription, I'm afraid. It's a "feature".
Tom is completely correct that voting involves making tough choices.
Beaten up as it is, it's still the best game in town, though. This
election will be something to bore the grandkids with.

Nader has exactly 0 chances out of 0 of making the Greens mainstream.
He might get an idea or two into the big boring Wonderbread tent, but
that's about it. Fritz Mondale at least carried Minnehaha. Perot got
much further along, but was only fooling himself if he really thought he
could pull off even a second place. And as for majorities, getting a
majority to vote is no mean (pun intended) feat. There was no
handwringing over Clinton's 43% of 55% in '92, as I recall. 48% of 50%
amounts to the same thing.

I'm voting Libertarian next time -- Dave Barry. Unless the Dixie Chicks
are running. Whore For Dogcathcer!


"I am beginning to vote- and know that I will vote no more than a few
times- for I am stupid and lazy..."
Letter from Princess Marie Von Clapp und Trapp to Rainer Boothe Wilke;
1913. (With apologies to Pynchon, what a W.A.S.T.E., &c.)

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