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From: Rohit Khare (
Date: Sat Nov 25 2000 - 10:13:18 PST

For my 25th birthday, I decided to drop out and start the software
company I always wanted to run,with my best friend -- most
definitely, after this year!

Once again (I'd like to think :-) I sat down and wrote a piece of
software that amazes and astounds all who behold it, and foreshadows
a whole new generation of applications. Except this time we're
following through with those commercial applications.

We've relied on the talents of 40+ other people this year. Not all of
them were perfect hires, on our part; but everyone has left their
stamp. To leverage the efforts of that many people in an economy this
tight requires real vision, lemme tell ya!

So for my 26th birthday, I turned down the first genuine offer of
venture capital KnowNow has ever been offered -- out of 75+
millionaires and billionaires and 'venture guys' we've pitched in the
last year. From a top-10 firm, no less.

Thanks for all your best wishes -- we've got one more pitch left to
go, Monday morning at 8AM, and it's a doozy...

Back to PowerPoint,
Rohit Khare
CEO, KnowNow Inc.
(206) 465 4936

PS. Favorite billionaire quote of the year?

        "What you guys don't need is money..."

KnowNow: Building The Two-Way Web
Developer Preview at

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