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From: test test (lekosgr@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 00:45:17 PST

Dear Sirs,

My name is Lekos George, Iím thirty eight years old, I
live Arta , an area of Greece, I have studied
chemistry and I intend to establish a factory , in the
area when I live , which will produce pulp and paper.

If you have the ability and kindness I would like to
inform me about these :

i) Do you have the technology and technognosis of
producing pulp and paper from raw material mainly
reeds and secondtly from cotton spouts and leaves ,
corn spouts wheat spouts , barley and oats spouts or
even from clorer ? (could you also find for me
technognosis and technology for producing pulp from
orangeís peel ? )

ii) What kind of machines do we use for each part of
the pulpís producing procedure and the same for the
paperís pulpís producing procedure ? How much does it
cost if I want to produce 100-200 tons pulp per day?

iii) Those machines are the sama whenever we use as
reeds and secondtly from cotton spouts and leaves ,
corn spouts wheat spouts , barley and oats spouts or
even from clorer. What kind of paper could produce
from these raw materials? Is there any difference
between the kind of machines for pulp which I want to

iv) Which are the demands of the machines in human
work ?

v) What kind of energy do we need for the machines
function per hour ? (electric, solar ,Ö )

vi) How much does every machine costs per hour?

vii) Which are the every machineís demandings such as
the rest auxiliary raw materials and who much space do
they need?

viii) Can I find in the lowest cost those chemical
auxiliary raw materials ? Those chemical auxiliary raw
materials are different for each kind and quality of
pulp ? Which are they and how can I get them?

ix) How much water is the needing for the produce
100-200 tons per day?

x) The machines which I will buy will they good
function time quarantee and for how long?

xi) Which financial conditions do you have for the
buying all or part of mechanological equipment ?

xii) Could you inform me about the providers of the
machinesís spare parts and how much do they cost?

xiii) Could you provide me with check-machines for the
 possibillity of evolutions disa sters? (How much do
they cost)

xiv) Could you provide me with machines that can
neutralize all the dirtying of the paper factory? (How
much do they cost)

xv) If after a passing time these is needing for
spreading out ( double etc) will I need extra
machines or I can count to those which I bought from
the beginning of the factory ? What shall I done then
if not this happen?
xvi) Are there any factories where I can see your
technology and how does it act; Will I be able to
speak to the superior persons?

Ií d prefer to answer me as sooner as possible.

Yours sincerely
Lekos George

Bussines Address:
street: K.Aitolou & G.Matsou (corner)
town : ARTA TK 47 100
Email: lekosgr@Yahoo.com

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