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From: Jeff Bone (
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 17:29:55 PST

Again, let me state that I didn't vote for either of these turkeys, and am pretty
much ambivalent, slight preference on the Bush front (at this point, anyway) on a
purely fiduciary level. Having said that...

Having one party keep an election going, kicking along, until the desired result
is achieved is no way to conduct an election. Neither is crying "every vote must
count" and then trying to get a bunch of military ballots (which you don't think
will fall your way) invalidated. BAD dems, bad, bad.

I really don't know who's got the moral advantage, here: Gore certainly did win
the popular vote, but Bush is certainly coming across as much stronger on the
"play by the rules, respect the rule of law" front. OTOH, Bush's effort is
certainly tainted by the clear partisanship of Katherine Harris... but then on
the other other hand, Gore's got _Daley_ out in front on a lot of this, ick,
how'd he think THAT would look?

I'm so disgusted with this whole thing.


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