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From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 21:43:55 PST

> boner buns, the problem with the absentee ballots is validating when and by
> whom the votes were cast. you need a postmark, a signature and the
> signature of a witness. do you believe any of these things should be
> overlooked just because they are military?
In fact I'd argue that there is more possibility of problems with
military ballots..after all the military is not a democracy..:-)

That aside, I'm bothered by the fact that the military and
 police seem to endorse republicans to a greater degree than the general

Minorities dont usually vote republican, I am guessing, for good reasons. They
dont trust them. There is a history of voting against civil rights for
minorities, against immigration reform, etc

There is the oft repeated charge by minorities that the police, and the military
discriminate. There's profiling, beating, shooting, the drug laws, etc.

And then there is the 2:1 ratio of republican to democratic voting amongst
members in these organizations, way off from the 1:1 amongst regular folk.

So, is there a correlation here?

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