27 million Clean/Fresh Email Addresses on CD ROM

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From: umail4max@operamail.com
Date: Sun Nov 26 2000 - 14:25:41 PST

27 million Clean/Fresh Email Addresses on CD ROM

The first thing we want to tell you... Bulk Email DOES Work!

If you have a product, service, or opportunity that you
wish to advertise on the Internet you can get orders/leads
IMMEDIATELY when sending your ad via bulk email.

    * The Most Cost Effective Advertising On The Internet
    * Your Ad WILL be seen.
    * Generate INSTANT High Traffic to Your Website
    * Instant Leads for Network Marketers

DIRECT E-Mail Advertising Works

Fresh Addresses Get you Great Results.

Email advertising is effective, because you are targeting
a captive audience. People MUST SEE YOUR AD, (usually
within HOURS of mailing) unlike magazine or newspaper ads
which sometimes go unseen. That means a high response at a
very low cost!

Some bulk email companies charge as much as $3000.00 to send
only 1 Million emails for their customers. We are offering you
27 Million addresses that you can use at your discretion.

Wheather you are an experienced bulk emailer or you've never
sent email before a quality (not bargain) list is what you need to
propel your business on the Internet.

Every experienced bulk emailer knows the key is not only good
ad copy but a fresh, new list of email addresses. This is absolutely
essential for successful bulk emailing.

We are offering 27 million FRESH, RECENTLY HARVESTED
NO-DUPLICATE, non-aol Email Addresses delivered to you on CD ROM.

Order now and we'll include bulk email software that can deliver
at speeds of up to 300,000 per hour (or faster - depending on the
size of your ad), TOTALLY FREE!

We are offering this quality list which would normally sell for over $400.00,
for a limited time for ONLY $289.00!!

Increase your online business now..
Your ad WILL be seen!! You WILL get results!!


To be removed from our list please send an email
to kim777@telkom.net with REMOVE in the subject line.

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