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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 08:48:28 PST

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Rahul Dave wrote:

--]Lets ask another question, where does the perception that dems are weak
--]on law enforcement and military come from?

Probably from the same place where the perception that dems and repubs and
all thier candy assed cheerleading rah rah supporters have NO, repeat, NO
interest in the antional good and have every intention to be the Winner of
this beauty contest regardless of what it does for the nation

Oh you can bring out your numbers and your stats and your well crafted
diatribes for and against what ever the hell it is you think is important,
but the bottom line is this...when push came to shove both sides flinched
in the face of the inevitable answer.

The proof is in the actions and reactions to the last few weeks worth of
events . To take a good look at them is not to see the shinning face of
democracy so much as it is to see the litigious nature of a spoiled
society. to listen to the voices issuing forth rehtoric is to hear the
whinning meisms of a nation born and breed of comfort seeing itsself not
gets its own way.

"Nobody for president, tad tada tadadadadad" ag

Face the facts folks, its not racism (the origianl claim that started this
whole mess turned out to be a farce) its not sexism and its not a global
conspiracy to controll your free will (most of us have already given that
item up for the price of inclusion into the two party tango)

What its about now is simple and pure, its about any cost.

So come on you zombies, up with the pompoms and lets hear it for your

GO team go

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