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From: Bill Stoddard (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 08:26:45 PST

> wrote:
> >
> > fact: thousands of votes remain uncounted even once. hundreds
> > of gore votes have been invalidated by harris.
> :
> > fact: the law says harris could have waited until monday morning,
> > when all of pbc could have been included.
> Fact? Well, 'reported as fact,' anyway.

The 'reports' say that the fl supreme court stated harris could 'optionally'
wait until 9:00 AM monday morning to certify the results. Seems to be a mush
headed decision on part of the justices to set two "deadlines" (or one
calculated to send a message that I am not able to decipher :-). They knew
with certainty when they set these two "deadlines" that the larger counties
would not be able to complete handcounts. WTF.

Here is a gnarly thought.... Just think what organized sports would be like if
we applied the same principles to following rules that we are following in
this U.S. presidential election. Everything would look like a WWWF match :-).


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