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From: John Boyer (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 10:18:39 PST

I like to poll people about their political beliefs. I ask delivery guys,
preachers, lawyers, co-workers, customers and relatives.
I want to know Who and Why. One thing I see more and more is a tendency for
people to vote negative.
If you ask people who they voted for you often get a barrage of attacks on
the other side.

Conservatives voted against Clinton or against Socialism. Liberals voted
against George W. Quayle. Some folks voted against immigration ( Buchanan)
or against the status quo ( Nader).

So I want to know. Who voted FOR somebody? Can you describe why without
attacking the other side?

p.s. I voted FOR Bush. I think he's a good, wise man. Because he believes
in limited government. He will cut my high taxes. And he's not a lying
arrogant crybaby bastard like .... doh! i blew it

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