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Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 11:42:57 PST

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, John Boyer wrote:


> These days Racism in this country is a boogeyman that, statistically
> speaking, does not exist. Ask yourself, how many real racists do you know?
> How many have you ever met? What color were they?

Though I agree that racism is not more easily found in the republicans
than democrats, the above statement is BULLSHIT. Racism is -not- just a
boogeyman. I know tons of racists and they are many different 'colors.'
The last time I was exposed to it was Friday: "Now you know I'm not
racist, Cindy, but if my son EVER brought home a nigger girl, he would be
disowned." This was a response to something I said about my half arabic
nephew. Granted, the racism of today is more subtle in most cases, and
the subtle nature of it may make "statistical" proof of it hard to
gather, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. Instead, it makes
it harder to fight in a tangible way. Of course, my racist friend has a
right to her own opinions of people in her own house, and I have the right
not to go there if I don't wish to hear her opinion, but just because the
monster gets shoved into the closet doesn't mean it's not there.

Another anecdote: If you didn't know better, and you walked into the
north side of the lunchroom of the University of Southern Mississippi, you
might think that some sort of rules regarding segregation are in place because it
is clearly the students themselves, by daily choice. And,
nope, it isn't a matter of the sororities and fraternities. Some of us on
the south side noticed that even members of sororites and fraternities
separated for meals, if they had different colored skin.


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