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Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 12:26:19 PST

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, John Boyer wrote:

> C'mon Cindy, you know Mississippi doesn't count.[1] And could you please
> tell me what you really think?

LOL! Mississippi is movin on up, thanks to Oklahoma!

> No really, I don't mean that there aren't any, heck I know several. I've
> got first cousins who are upset that my wife isn't exactly white. But out
> of the shear number of people I do know, they are insignificant. And they
> don't tend to be the power wielding elite, if you know what I mean. Hardly
> worth all the bother that we as a society put into them. In fact, all that
> do-goodism breeds more ill will than it solves.
> I really like the college lunchroom example. It's the same with black and
> white churches. Birds of a feather, nothing racist about that.

Well, John, some power weilding elite in your neck of the woods are mighty
racist. Of course I can't mention any names; I'm way too successful at
this good ole boy system to go and start fucking that up now. -wink-
Now, let's see, what do-goodism is it that we are talking about here? (:

I agree that there's nothing racist about the birds of a feather thing,
but I challenge you to walk into that lunch room sometime when you're in
H-burg and see what you think. Better yet, take your wife on a stroll
through the north side. You'll see that it's a bit more than just a BOF
thing real quick.

On a positive note, I was shocked right outta my socks about a week ago
when a local news station did a story on a biracial couple who'd been
married for 30+ years in MS. For the most part, they choose to stay
oblivious to the racism that does exist. I guess oblivion is the best
state of mind to use against such subtle racism that's around these days.

> johnboy
> [1] One good thing about living in Alabama is that we still get to make fun
> of Mississippi.
> We're number 49! We're number 49! We're number 49!

You're 48!

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