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From: Roddy Young (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 12:27:02 PST

Here's my 100 yard dash through this minefield . . .

> A politically active friend of mine told me( he's Chinese),
> that there is a deliberate policy amongst some asians of voting
> 50-50, (not sure how, maybe a family deliberately split votes?)
> so that whoever comes to power will not back legislation against
> the minority.

There's nothing, whatsoever, to back this. Now, this is not to say that a
coalition, say the Asians for the Democratic Way (made-up), can't play both
sides. But this has more to do with campaign finance. It's no secret that
major corps. - like MS - do this all the time and for the reason you state.

> > However, it could also be that Asians simply don't buy the Democratic
> > that "minorities" somehow are handicapped by society and need "help" in
> > form of further governmental interference.

You were right the first time. Like anglos, Asians vote for a myriad of
reasons, including pocketbook/portfolio.

Frankly, I don't think the left
> > in this country think Asians are a minority group. When you hear about
> > minorities does poorly in school et all, the left always refer to blacks
> > Hispanics. We simply do not count as a minority group. But I
> > grinding my old axe again...

the definition of minority is clear -- not the majority -

your perception that the Asian-American minority is not singled out, in a
school setting, does not mean they're not a minority.

> I have this gut feeling (based only on conversations with people of
> Chinese and Indian origins) that one may find the
> following amongst asians..just immigrated and first generation immigrants
> are more likely to vote democratic than second and further generations.

Again, pocketbook/portfolio is a major issue - see Jeff Bone's post

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