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Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 12:55:05 PST

I would like to apologize for havnig wasted a lot of people's time.
You see, first I wasted time by attempting a rational response to
your initial troll. I wasted other people's time in furthering your
(and my) participation in this thread. And I am only wasting more
in composing this response. However, I will not be wasting any more
time reading the drivel which you emit.

You continue to spew "fact" with no citation. You lack the inclination
or the ability to document your facts. You do not support your argument
with anything other than anecdotal evidence and vague allusion. You
irresponsibly toss about charges of racism and volatile language with
only a cursory, self-conscious attempt to fig leaf your own prejudice
with backpedaling and pc-speak.

Of the opinions expressed here that I both agree and disagree with, I find
yours to be the one which is most distasteful. The other postings are
thought-provoking and well composed discussion, and I will continue to
enjoy them. You, however, are saddled with racism so pervasive and
encompassing that it is evident in every paragraph you vomit forth. Your
pedantic meanderings and half-thoughts are signs of a mind just as stunted
and closed as the most blind Republicans you imagine. Those formless
masses of brainwashed "enemies" which hover at the edge of your paranoia
are nothing but the reflectionsof your own ignorance, fear, and prejudice.

Racism does exist in this country today. So does ignorance. Thanks to
modern technology, I won't have to see any more of yours.




On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Rahul Dave wrote:
> A politically active friend of mine told me( he's Chinese),
> that there is a deliberate policy amongst some asians of voting
> 50-50, (not sure how, maybe a family deliberately split votes?)
> so that whoever comes to power will not back legislation against
> the minority.
> Any thoughts?
> Rahul

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