Re: leftist bullies

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From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 13:36:14 PST

> <flame>
> I would like to apologize for havnig wasted a lot of people's time.
> You see, first I wasted time by attempting a rational response to
> your initial troll. I wasted other people's time in furthering your

With all respect, it was not a troll. Whenever there is a departure
from the voting pattern at large, there is usually more than one reason,
perhaps one dominating.

I suggested a correlation between a minoroty perception and a voting pattern.
Many others pointed out that my reason was not substantiated. Fair enough.
One has to put forward hypothesi(?) before one tries to substantiate them.
> You continue to spew "fact" with no citation. You lack the inclination
The only facts that I have talked about are voting patterns. Those can
be substantiated, for example at abc-news. The rest is speculation, and I
make very clear that *MOST* of it is anecdotal.

Not being very knowledgeable dosent deny me the right to speculate. I
put forward my thoughts. People diss them. I learn. I understand other
points of view. I try to understand where perceptions come from. Not everything
is rational. The thread will die when there is nothing interesting.

> </flame>

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