RE: NYC racism

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From: Jim Whitehead (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 13:52:40 PST

> NYC, for all its supposed "liberal" basis, is perhaps one of the most
> racist citys I have ever been in.

New York City was host to one of the worst race riots ever in the history of
this country, in 1863:

For five days, from Monday, July 13, until Friday, July 17, 1863, terror
reigned in the streets of New York. Armed mobs protesting the first Federal
conscription threatened the nation's manufacturing and commercial center.
What began as a demonstration against the draft and Abraham Lincoln's
Republican administration rapidly degenerated into bloody race riots that
left at least 105 people dead. The New York City Draft Riots were by far the
most violent civil disorder in 19th-century America. The widespread
destruction threatened the very foundations of the Union.

For some strange reason, I never heard about this in any of my history

- Jim

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