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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 14:21:45 PST

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000, Tony Berkman wrote:

--]Well, I couldn't let this one pass without defending the city in which I
--]grew up in and returned to after a brief respite for some formal education.

I was born in the bronx, lived in the area of the burrough for 32 of my 36
years. You can defend it all you want, but there in the middle of all the
feel good isms and success stories are the most harsh racial conditions I
have lived thru. Its brutal, in your face and unescapable unless you have
an ostriches habits.

--]subjected to immense scrutiny where race is concerned. And yes the racism
--]exists, but how could it not with such an immense population.

Your honor, I rest my case.

--]If you found NYC to be one of the most racist cities you've ever been in, I
--]QUESTION how much you really got to know NY.

Hey, numbnutz, i happen to be as newawk as it gets. You wnat to test that,
step. Born in da bronx, lived in every one of the bog five, cept staten
cause who wants that shit in thier lungs, and have been thru bone to balls
more nyc experiences and living than most geezer on the benches of poe
park (you do know where that is i hope)

So as far as how much i got to know new york, plain and simple I got to
kow her for the high class whore she is and I got the scar to proove it.

You question my New Yorkness...what a fucking laugh.
Where you from sonny, Yonkers or some such? Ride the LIRR on a daily basis
maybe? Take a ride on the L train and breath in deep, thats me in thier.
Go wander through Wash Sqr at 3am across the rubber hills and once
glorious playgrounds, thats me in the air. Taste a dirty
water dog from forty duece and 5th, lionsside up, thats me on your tongue.
Listen to the pound of the ghost arcades in the shinny new time sqr, thats
the sound of my growing up. Feel the bells embrace during Parsifal from
10th row center at the met, thats my heart beat.

Even from portland OR im more NYC than most people will be in a life time
of living.

Front on that if you will dawg.

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