Stick a FoRK in some beef rendang

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From: Lisa Dusseault (
Date: Mon Nov 27 2000 - 15:34:36 PST

As a handy community including international folks, well-travelled folks,
and folks who are known to like hot food (too bad I never got to take you to
Dixie's BBQ in Seattle, Jeff Bone), I appeal to you, FoRKers. Can somebody
recommend a good Indonesian food cookbook? Or Asian food cookbook that
covers specific regions accurately including Indonesia (since I could also
use some Singaporean and Malaysian recipes, though I already have southern
indian and thai cuisine somewhat covered)?

I'd particularly like to find one with the following characteristics:
 - emphasis on low-fat (though I'm capable of substituting 'lite' coconut
milk myself)
 - emphasis on practical main dishes rather than desserts or fancy dishes
 - not solely vegetarian
 - good index
 - more recipes than pictures of recipes
 - recipes for beef rendang, nasi goreng and bami goreng :)

In the meantime, I have found two good recipe websites:
but I _like_ cookbooks.

I also found today a great site for some of the ingredients you need for
this cuisine:
This is useful because I went to two asian-food groceries yesterday in
search of galanggal, but failed to find what I sought in fresh, dried,
powdered or canned form. This could be my incompetence, but at least the
indomerchant web-site lets me do searches!

[for those who remember request for recommendations for ultralight laptops,
the recommendations were inconclusive. Then Gateway came out with a very
affordable new entry in the market, only 3.65 lbs. I should receive it


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