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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 04:31:11 PST

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<< Why just FLA?
because the vote difference was well within the margin of error, because
there were gigantic anomolies, and because florida will decide the election.
where have you been??

This is what burns me> are you people listening. Only the
 votes in places that MIGHT make gore gets votes are important. >>

strategy, my good man. if gore contested the "bush" counties then when bush
objected gore could not make the case for partisanship. bush certainly had
the time and oppotunity to contest other counties, but then HE couldn't make
the case that handcounts don't count. bush painted himself into the corner
on this - the fl supremes footnoted that they wanted either party to "take
the bait", i.e. ask for recounts in other counties. bush's case for speed,
mouthed thru harris, is bogus given his appeal to the fed supremes. now
he'll climb to the throne over florida voters and on the same fact-free spin
that has been the hallmark of his entire campaign.

we boycotted a pep rally in high school because of a stupid dress code and
made the cheerleaders cry - i hope every single democrat sits home on
inaugeration night in protest.


ps all references to bush refer, of course, to his handlers. this man can no
more put together a plan than he can read from a teleprompter without

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