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From: Rodent of Unusual Size (Ken.Coar@Golux.Com)
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 04:34:27 PST

Personally, I'm disgusted with both of them. Bush goes on the telly,
spends thirty seconds on his running-mate's heart attach, and ten
minutes on the inappropriateness of the Florida Supreme Court's
decision. (A decision on which he isn't the least bit qualified
to have an opinion, IMNSHO.) Gore goes on the telly and demonstrates
his top-seededness for the Most Tedious Bipedal Mammal contest.
It's a choice between the jackass and the horse's ass, and it's
difficult to tell which is which.

I think I'd prefer it if Gore won, because at least he has some
national experience, and an appearance of a modicum of intelligence.
I don't at all like his stand on guns, among other things, though.

Bush, on the other hand, seems mercifully free of the ravages of
intelligence. I wouldn't trust him to find his bum with both
hands, a flashlight, a guide, and a roadmap. The image I have
of him in the foreign-policy arena is ordering an invasion of
France, calling Tony and saying 'Wasssuuuup!", or inviting Barak
to a pig pickin' (barbeque).

At least the near-even division in the Senate should muzzle
whomever.. for two years, anyway.

I didn't vote for either of the buggers.

ObPith: "You are going to get *so* sick of the next President"
and "The most pessimistic prediction I've heard: The same two
guys will be running in four years." (Tom Parmenter)

#ken    P-)}

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