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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 08:18:52 PST

On Tue, 28 Nov 2000, Robert S. Thau wrote:

--]Tom Whore writes:
--] > Why just FLA? This is what burns me> are you people listening. Only the
--] > votes in places that MIGHT make gore gets votes are important. What about
--] > the countys were elctions were cut off, what about the precincts in NYC
--] > where i know from decades of experience many ballots were dumped.
--]Huh? By current rules, there aren't enough electoral votes in play in
--]other closely contested states to make a difference --- Florida holds
--]the swing votes no matter what. And recounting states that aren't
--]closely contested, such as New York (where Gore got a 25% margin of
--]victory, over 1.5 million votes), is just pointless; it can't change
--]the outcome.

ITS DOESNT MATTER. Didint you hear what St Al the Martyr of FLA said


For one vote to be uncounted is to silence the voice of a once strong
democracy.One vote is any vote, any state any county any where. It doesnt
matter thats its in a swing state or a non swing state, that it is not
counted is the thing, the only thing, the last thing st al has left. So in

This is not about being the easiest way or the most rational, its about
EVERY VOTE COUNTING. Or was that empty words? (think, stop drop roll)

or is it , perhaps, that some votes are more powerfull than others? Is
this the suggestion.


--]And if you're suggesting that the thing be decided by total popular
--]vote instead, Gore already has that by a small, but at this point
--]fairly secure margin of a few hundred thousand votes.

No, thats called a change of topic and bzzzzzzt you loose. Thanks for
playing though. We live in a REBUPLIC. have you ever listened to yourself
say the pledge of alliegence, or do you swear to things you dont
understand? We vote for represntation of the electorial college. You need
a gov 101 leason?

Now is not the time to create divisons, now is the time to come togther as
a strong nation, as a single voice, one that is built from the votes of
every citizen. We most take our time and let the system secure the God
given right that everyones vote will be counted. In this way we will see
our way to the end of this nations current problem. Every vote must count.


--] > What
--] > about the folks who were turned away from elction places because of
--] > confusin ID requiremnts.
--]If you're talking about the ones in Florida, this is grounds for a
--]contest, although I don't know if it's one of the matters currently
--]being contested (haven't read the briefs).

EVERY VOTE counts. repeat it repeat it repeat it.

If your going to talk the talk, at least try to walk the walk.

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