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From: Rahul Dave (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 09:01:04 PST

> >
> > All the votes then.
> >
> > IF they miss one vote from any county in FLA then it should be contested.
> Agreed. Anybody with even a passing, high school level of familiarity with
> sampling / measurement / statistics can see that this is the only fair and
> accurate process possible.
> jb

I'd say that anyone with a passing familiarity with measurement would
say that there is no fair and accurate process to measure a table to the
9th decimal place with a footrule.

In the future there ought to be a pre-decided percent difference, based on
measuring equipment, and mock-election experiments to say that an election
in county X is a tie if the difference is within N votes.

And by some weighted process this needs to be extended to the state as thats what really matters.

If there is a tie a state ought to be dropped or the electoral college
votes split, with additional going to the marginal winner(13-bush, 12 gore)
That sounds fair but
Uh-oh I just killed the constitution.

Given that we are not doing that, and we insist on calling an election which
is not statistically callable, I'd say anything ought to go. So gore
ought to do his level best to steal as many as he can :-). So should Bush.

Actually I'd say Gore ought to conceed. As Nader I believe put, if he let
this come down to a tie he lost. (But I buy into the press published
"lower thy expectations of Bush, he's won the debate by looking prezzy"

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