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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 10:39:36 PST

In that case, could ya try to do something about the spam? Maybe filtering
          No one has all the amswers,just choices... (Tue Nov 14 2000 -
20:34:17 PST)
          Prevent Loss of Appetite 23799 (Sun Nov 16 2036 - 07:02:16 PST)
          Best cell phone offer!!!!!!! [tcppm] (Sun Oct 15 2000 - 16:10:37

instead of actual "Friends of Rohit Khare" might improve the list a bit?


              From: "Joseph S. Barrera III" <>
                     11/28/00 01:22 PM
              To: <>
              cc: <>
              Subject: RE: confederacy of dunces*

> For some reason, of 3 messages to, 2 haven't
> made it back out, or into archives. Maybe this'll work.

Stop resubmitting your trash. I'm sick of seeing it.

Adam and Rohit have recently given me moderator powers
over this list. Your posts didn't make it out because
I didn't like them. Deal with it.

- Joebar Jinnai, Lord God Moderator*

(El-Hazard Reference)

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