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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 11:02:02 PST

>This is the kind of crap I heard at the Bush cultists's house. Blah blah
>blah. I'm sure some of it's fact, but some of it is clearly parrotted
>from those christian radio shows. Why don't you say something that's
>from your point of view instead of quoting all those doods on TV and radio
>who keep saying the same thing over and over? I've heard all this before.
>Only a fool would compare politics to sports. (Disclaimer: I don't
>consider WWF to be a sport (shuddup, Jeff))
>P.S. Why is it that these ppl who keep squawking about the votes already
>being counted by the machines refuse to acknowledge that there was a
>DIFFERENCE in the results? So what that he won, he won, there is
>clearly a problem with the stupid machines. Most of the ones who are
>yelling this crap use Windows, for fuck's sake. Seems it'd be easier for
>them to realize that machines are not perfect. (:

So, lets see if I have the new and improved rules straight. According to

1: Some fact is crap.
2a:Fact is not fact if parroted from a christian radio show, or,
2b:Facts are facts as long as they are not from christian radio shows.
(What religion's shows are acceptable?)
3: If I point out a fact that was quoted by a "dood on TV", it is not my
4: If Cindy has heard it before it is no longer fact.
5: I am a fool because I use a sports metaphor to relate to politics.
6: Recounts with dissimilar numerical results that still conclude with the
same winner don't really count until Gore wins.
7: I use Windows, and am therefore, inferior.

Okay, sorry, now that I know the rules, I'll try to do better next time
Cindy. Please forgive :-)

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