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From: Lorin Rivers (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 12:44:55 PST

At 8:23 PM -0800 11/26/00, Roy T. Fielding wrote:
><thoughtful musings omitted for brevity>
>I've been (again) disappointed by the disdain with which our press,
>of all types and biases, have for correcting others when the facts
>are known and one side or another is obviously lying for the sake
>of their own benefit.

The press is not about reporting the news, it's about selling advertising.

> The canvassing boards are not controlled by
>Democrats -- the fact is that most of them are run by judges, who
>are required to be politically impartial even when they are politically
>appointed, and consist of an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.
>The notion that such a group could conspire for or against any single
>candidate is ridiculous -- they are all watching each other like hawks.

I believe, in fact, that any conspiracy is Republican, not
Democratic. Jeb Bush, Katharine Harris (she was co-chair of Bush's
campaign in Florida, for gawd's sake!)

>The stupid thing about the recount was that it was only done in the
>heavily Democratic counties.

By Bush's choice! He had the chance to include any (or all) county he
desired to the list, but knows if all the votes are counted, he will

> Anyone who understands statistics will
>realize that such an order would imbalance the results. However, the
>reason that the hand recount wasn't performed for the entire state is
>because all of the other county canvassing boards followed the direction
>of the state canvassing board (and the Bush campaign) in refusing
>to perform a manual recount. Is it right to blame that on the Democrats?

It is if you want Bush to win, at any cost.

><more deleted>


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