Re: confederacy of dunces*

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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 15:07:29 PST

In a message dated 11/28/00 5:05:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Actually, C, they *have* been counted and recounted. Mostly by
> *machines,* which roughly
> speaking should have the same margin of error across the entire
> state.
 My understanding, per Chris Mathews on Charlie Rose last night, is that they
 not the same machines statewide. The machines in the disputed counties just
 didn't work as well. I think the reason is that the disputed counties are
 - Lucas >>

i hardly think wpb or miami-dade qualifies as "poor." if you want poor in
florida, hit the panhandle, seat of enigmatic bush support.

who decides which counties use what machines? or rather, where does the
buck stop? at the secretary of state?

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