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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 18:14:14 PST

NPR has some serious bias, but its oftenboth ways depending on what hour
your listening to.

This american life is amazing. Sure the folks got thier own views but they
get inside a story unlike any of the comercial news services has shown me
they can. this is why I have a 2 cd collection of This American life
(tons of shows from all the years with a web site ripped off from thier
own site for an index) and zero discs of cnnn or fox news.

Lets face it folks, the media is NOT unbiased. THe dream of a news
reporting agency without a slant is dead if it was ever alive.

Knowing this you can simply reslant it your own way.

Also remeber a bigger sampling will help get a clearer picture, or sound,
of whats the dealio.

NPR has a slant, yep, no doubt about it, but it has some of the best

Plus...CARL CASSEL rocketh.

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