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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 14:48:19 PST

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000, Eirikur Hallgrimsson wrote:

--]Gad, and I think I'm the big Apple critic.
--]Tom, you know not of where you speak. Macs are as upgradable as PCs.
--]Yes, this includes the iMac, which is actually more upgradable than
--]the busless cheapo PCs. Clearly, you don't follow the Mac.

Dude, i was tweaking the apple chain. I know the macs upgradablility ,
heck ive done some recetnly mysefl for freinds.

Tweakky today, aintcha?

--]Legacy-free is such a great marketing gimmick. Compatibility-free is more like
--]it, but research shows that slots in PCs go unfilled over 90% of the
--]time, making exposed-bus designs overpriced eventually.

My slots are always full baby. If theres a empty slot, i ll find a card
for it. Shit, come to think of it, wheres my old xt time card..:)-

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