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Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 16:38:41 PST

In a message dated 11/29/00 9:10:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, ThosStew writes:

 In a message dated 11/28/2000 10:38:20 PM, writes:
><< and we still don't have manual recounts of the areas with the worst
>machines, so
> the ballots have not been counted and recounted. >>
>machines haven't yet been evaluated for "worseness."
 yes they have: per this morning's NY Times, machines using punch-card
ballots, vs optical machines, had a rejection rate of about 4% vs 1%. By
coincidence, those older punch-card machines happen to be disproportionately
in poorer counties, which happen to have populations which are
disproportionately black, which happen to be disproportionately likely to
have [wanted to] vote for Gore. >>

the rest of my post referred to sauls, who has asked that sample machines be
brought to leon county for a look-see.

well and good that the margin of error is higher in the punch-card ballot
machines and that the machines are in poorer counties* but they were approved
for use in this election. it's too bad they weren't evaluated before-hand.

the only hope for redress, under harris' pronouncement, is to prove the
machines were malfunctioning (degree of worseness). i don't know if
"malfunctioning" means "4% rejection rate" or "catches on fire when turned
on." i guess that will be up to sauls.

big problem with this particular case - gore's team wants to argue law,
bush's team fact. fact considers evidence and testimony, and drags things
out forever . . . point for bush. but that might be exactly what's necessary
to get these votes in - evidence, not law.


(still don't see how pbc is a "poor black" county. i think it has one of
the highest tax bases in the state.)

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