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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Thu Nov 30 2000 - 09:18:43 PST

Some one asked recently on list where I got hold of some of the texts I
drop in to the rambling messes I inflict on you folks. Thing is, sometimes
Im not sure where I got them from, i just get them. I am a magnet for
information, I attract it like censors on an eminem album. Ok its early
and my metafives aint awake yet.

Some of the stuff I just have, like i said. If your interested contact me
and I can let you know where it is you can possibly find it, not that I
wuold know where to find copyrighted material of any sort , but smply i
might know where to look for purely public domain texts (jezz whos
writting this stuff? some one call in James Baker )..(just email me if
your interested)

The Fightclub stuff and other movie scripts seem to inhabit a site called
Rosebud(not allt he scripts are in txt or html, some are links to amazon)

I have my own copy of Project Guttenburg and a few other etext PD sites. I
try to update them once or twice a year.

Usenet as a few text, etext and ebook gorups that brim with stuff. Give a
person a file, they have jaurez for a day. Teach a person to fish usent
and they will feats ever after.

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