Re: confederacy of dunces*

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Date: Tue Nov 28 2000 - 21:26:26 PST

> > ...good god these threads eat time. I am going back to lurking.
> Heh. Pls. don't, you've actually been a voice of sanity among the rabid opposition
> (ahem, Silly. ;-) More fun to hang in there. And eventually, these don't consume
> that much time at all. After a while, you can easily FoRK 100 a day with almost no
> effort. I'm actually working on some software to automate this process.

Yep, they do eat time, especially when everything you say is taken as some
sort of rabid opposition.

Still laughing at all the chaos and hoping a few veins pop in people's
heads before either of the two clods parading around in the circus and all
their followers finally settle down to some sort of agreement which will
piss off half the country and provide the other half of the country to
strut around like roosters saying 'we won, we won,' when nobody will be
the winner anyhow,

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