Stephens Kings Plant on hiatus, not pulled up by the roots.

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From: Tom Whore (
Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 08:03:48 PST

On Wed, 29 Nov 2000 wrote:

--]the tragedy of the commons strikes again; it led Stephen King to decide not
--]to continue writing his net-novel

I love how the folks I hear about this from seem to have missed the vital
point and jump straight to "i told you it wouldnt work"

If you read the words King posted he has NOT gien up on the Plant
but is putting it on hold to finsh two novels and some other work as well
as recouping from the car crash a while back.

He, in fact, talks about the restarting of it with episode 7. Gee, sounds
really dead to me...not.

Episode 6 will be a large FREE hiatus present to the 75 to 80% of the
people who have been paying for the book so far. Dig, 75% to 80 %
payment. Ive paid for every episode, in fact i diped my card twice for the
first two parts just on general princepals..

From king himself

" Following next months installment of this story--next months very long
installment of this story--The Plant will be going back into hibernation
so that I can continue work on Black House (the sequel to The Talisman,
written in collabo-ration with Peter Straub). I also need to complete work
on two new novels (the first, Dreamcatcher, will be available from
Scribners next March) and see if I cant get going on The Dark Tower again.
And my agent insists I need to take a breather so that foreign translation
and publication of The Plant--also in installments, also on the Net--can
catch up with American publication. Yet dont despair. The last time The
Plant furled its leaves, the story remained dormant for nineteen years. If
it could survive that, Im sure it can survive a year or two while I work
on other projects.

Part 6 is the most logical stopping point. In a traditional print book, it
would be the end of the first long section (which I would probably call
Zenith Rising). You will find a climax of sorts, and while not all of your
questions will be an-swered-- not yet, at least--the fates of several
characters will be resolved.


As a way of thanking those readers (somewhere between 75 and
80 per cent) who came along for the ride and paid their dues, Part 6 of
The Plant will be avail-able free of charge. Enjoy...but dont relax too
much. When The Plant returns, it will once more be on a pay-as-you-go
basis. In the meantime, get ready for Part 6. I think youre going to be
surprised. Perhaps even shocked.

Best regards (and happy holidays),

Stephen King

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