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From: Bill Humphries (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 10:45:41 PST

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Subject: Engineering notebooks?

> I'm about to inherit a software
> engineering project class where there is currently a requirement for
> maintaining a lab notebook. However, I've never used an engineering
> notebook, and I know relatively few software developers who do.

My understanding -- as preached to me by two sets of patent attny's [ please
don't take this as a ringing endorsement of software patents ] is that
notebooks are the stuff of which the claims in patent applications are made

When I am good about writing stuff down in a notebook, which seems to be as
variable as my faith in a non-malicious G_D, it's helpful. Every few months
can read through it as a memory jogger and reflect: "That's a good idea," or
"What the fsck was I thinking?"

The great utility of a engineering notebook is remember what the URI of a
JDBC connection was, three months after someone created it and then left
the company.

-- whump (Fawn Hall is my document repository because I can't handle The

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