RE: Engineering notebooks?

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From: Lucas Gonze (
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 10:52:20 PST

I always use either a notebook or a notes file. This works well. For example,
people I work with know they can call me up and ask what the reason was for some
feature that we did a year ago. The main impact is in long term maintenance.
The notes file is more useful but once in a while the paper notebooks come in

- Lucas

> I'm curious -- for FoRKs who areinvolved in Engineering of some form
> (hardware, software, etc.)what is your opinion on the use/value of
> maintaining an engineering lab notebook? I'm about to inherit a software
> engineering project class where there is currently a requirement for
> maintaining a lab notebook. However, I've never used an engineering project
> notebook, and I know relatively few software developers who do.
> I personally am more of a pad of paper person, although I have very rarely
> gone back into these pads after about, say 3 months. Email archives, on the
> other hand, I do consult fairly extensively.
> I suppose this quickly gets into the whole issue of personal information
> collection and archiving, across all forms of media (magazines, like Nat'l
> Geographic, are a good example -- people hold onto these magazines for
> years, despite having no good use for them, and the fact every public
> library in America has a complete set).
> - Jim

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