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Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 06:14:04 PST

check mate if the prediction of a 5/4 bush-favored split holds true and if
the fed supremes don't mind being scapegoated for what scalia considers the
greater good.

from slate papers:

<<Scalia devised the theory--seemingly accepted
by five justices on the court--that Article II of the Constitution
grants state legislatures complete power to set rules for selecting
presidential electors, the LAT reports. The court may avoid
endorsing that theory, however, because it would mean that
Americans do not have a constitutional right to vote for president.>>


-- Florida Senate President John McKay says he will not call a
special session on the selection of the state's 25 presidential
electors, CNN reports.>>

in other words: "scalia, don't count on us to rule; you'll have to do it."
(and secretly wink and congratulate themselves that after the supreme court
ruling no one can say it was the legislature's partisan pick that determined
the presidency.)

smart move - the federal supremes need fear no one, least of all florida

(and now all the pressure is on circuit court judge rube sauls in leon
county, who apparently gave a clear enough signal to the bush team that he
would be their failsafe and most likely the fed supremes also.)


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