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Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 05:04:55 PST

Rambus and Zuken Jointly Develop PCB Design System for Direct RDRAM

2000--Rambus Inc. (Nasdaq:<A HREF="aol://4785:RMBS">RMBS</A>), the leading
provider of high bandwidth chip connection technology, and Zuken Inc.
(Yokohama, Japan), one of the world's leading providers of professional
software solutions for the design of PCB/MCM/IC packages and systems, today
announced that they have jointly developed a CAD software package for Direct
RDRAM(tm)-based system PCB layout on the CR-5000 platform.

The new software package enables expeditious state-of-the-art layout by PCB
designers with minimal transmission line theory know-how. The Rambus(r)
software package is suitable for various applications including PC and
workstations, networking and digital consumer products.

The new Rambus software package includes reference schematics, reference
layout, tools to calculate several important design parameters and tools for
impedance and trace length matching. Users of the Rambus software package can
optimize PCB layout with the best electrical characteristics developed by
Rambus with the versatile and revolutionary functionality provided by Zuken's
CR-5000 platform.

"The strategic alliance between Zuken and Rambus for many years enabled Zuken
to develop a revolutionary PCB design solution," said Jinya Katsube, COO of
Zuken Inc. "Zuken believes that Rambus technology will continue to be
extensively used for various applications such as PC, workstation, networking
equipment and digital consumer products. With the combination of Rambus'
high-level technology, our know-how and consulting relationships with our
large customer base, we are convinced of our success. Zuken expects its
business related to Rambus technology, including sales of the software
package announced today, and services from consulting to generate revenue of
about $10M in 2003."

In the future, Zuken will offer PCB design solutions to support next
generation high-speed digital circuits as it expands sales worldwide. New
tools developed to improve the precision of trace length matching and
impedance control using thin traces will also be included. Rambus will
provide Zuken with updated reference layouts which Zuken will incorporate
into the Rambus software package.

About Zuken Inc.

Since its establishment in 1976, Zuken Inc. has established itself as a
leading provider of design and manufacturing solutions for electronics
companies in Japan and around the world. Zuken holds the leading global share
in the PCB/MCM/HIC software market in the field of electronic design
automation and enjoys the support of electronics manufacturers worldwide.
Zuken Group employs over 1000 people in 23 sales support offices throughout
the world, who are backed by an international network of distribution and
business partners. The Zuken's strong financial standing is also evidenced by
the fact that the company is listed at "1st Section" on the Tokyo Stock

For more information, visit

About Rambus Inc.

Rambus Inc. (Nasdaq: RMBS) is an intellectual property company that designs,
develops and licenses high-bandwidth chip-connection technologies which
enable semiconductor memory devices to keep pace with faster generations of
processors and controllers. To date, these efforts have resulted in more than
100 U.S. and foreign patents issued to Rambus. Rambus has licensed its
technology to approximately 30 semiconductor companies for the development,
manufacture and sale of RDRAM-compatible ICs. Providers of RDRAM-compatible
integrated circuits include the world's leading DRAM, ASIC, controller and
microprocessor manufacturers. For more information, please visit

Rambus and RDRAM are registered trademark of Rambus Inc. Direct RDRAM is a
trademark of Rambus Inc. Other trademarks that may be mentioned in this
release are the intellectual property of their respective owners.

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