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From: Jeff Barr (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 13:56:57 PST

Matt says,

> (Note: this is the only gov't document I've ever seen in Comic Sans font.)

Apparently Comic Sans is used to create a very "approachable" document. It
is definitely less formal and therefore less intimidation than a more
font. I would bet that there is some evidence that people in the target
audience are more willing to start reading this document if it does not
appear to contain legalese.


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Sheesh, how many more bytes would it have cost them to just include the
URL in the mail?

(Note: this is the only gov't document I've ever seen in Comic Sans font.)

On Wed, 6 Dec 2000, Gordon Irlam wrote:

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> Subject: RESULTS: FW: Food Stamp Outreach (FORK Grant Applications)
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> Until I read this message, I was not aware that most of the FORK Act
> as part of the 2001 Agriculture Approps bill. Congratulations to all of
> who lobbied for FORK! Alan Gold
> December 5, 2000
> Dear CHN Member:
> We are writing to thank you for your support of the Food Stamp
> Outreach and Research for Kids (FORK) Act. Thanks to your hard
> work and that of your members, funding for most of FORK's
> provisions was included in the FY 2001 Agriculture Appropriations
> Act, which passed both Houses and was signed into law by
> President Clinton on October 28, 2000.
> As you know, one of FORK's central purposes was to provide money
> to community organizations for food stamp outreach. The grant
> program is one of the FORK provisions which is being implemented.
> At least $3 million will be available for grants of up to
> $300,000 per proposal. Today the Department of Agriculture began
> soliciting grant proposals. Completed grant applications are due
> January 5, 2001, so we would encourage you to notify your members
> and your local press about this important opportunity. We got
> the idea for FORK from the innovative food stamp outreach
> strategies your members and others were pursuing on their own,
> and we are excited to see what they can accomplish with
> additional resources. We hope your members and their
> institutions will seriously consider applying for grant funding.
> We hope this federal money will help them expand their existing
> efforts as well as come up with new ideas.
> For more information about applying for food stamp outreach
> grants, please contact USDA or contact Morna Miller in
> Congressman Levin's office (202-225-4961), Matt Dinkel in
> Congressman Coyne (202-225-2301) or Melanie Nathanson in Senator
> Graham's office (202-224-6545).
> Senator Bob Graham
> Congressman Sander Levin
> Congressman William J. Coyne
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